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Cut-resistant leggings made for ski racers, by ski racers - trusted by young racers and World Cup veterans alike.

Comfortable, warm, and extremely cut resistant - we made no compromises in developing this product for you.

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    Worth every penny

    Posted by Marina Vukovic on 9th Apr 2021

    I tried POC cut-res leggings, but VIX fit way better, much more comfortable.. even using them for gym sessions. 5stars!!

Questions related to sizing and fit? Check our sizing chart!
We, at VIX Protection, are pleased to offer our customers what we truly believe is the finest cut resistant protection on the market. We have spent countless hours manufacturing and testing various materials to develop garments with the optimum combination of protection and comfort. Unlike some products on the market, ours offer protection wherever the base layer covers your body. Skiing, however, is a dangerous sport, with inherent risks. The use of our garments provides no guaranty that injuries from lacerations can be avoided in all circumstances or that their severity can even be mitigated. No garment can be provided one hundred percent protection from injury under all circumstances, particularly given how sharp skis can be tuned these days. Our garments are not designed or intended to provide protection from other forms of impact trauma. VIX Protection makes no representations, guarantees, or warranties of any kind in connection with the use of our garments or their effectiveness in preventing serious lacerations or injuries. Our garments are to be used at the users’ own risk. The user assumes all risk of loss and injury, including but not limited to death, and/or damage to persons or property arising from the use of our products. VIX Protection disclaims any warranties, express or implied unless expressly set forth herein. VIX Protection’s liability for negligence, breach of warranty or willful action or inaction and any and all resulting in injury, death, or damage to property that may arise from the use of our products shall be limited to a refund of the amount paid for our garments. 
VIX Protection expressly advises users to regularly inspect the garments for wear patterns, and damage from wear and tear, age, or repeated impacts, all of which may adversely impact the integrity of our garments. Users should carefully follow the washing, fitting, and storage instructions, as these factors may significantly limit the life of the garments and the degree of their effectiveness. Any garments exhibiting wear and tear, cuts, rips, or other evidence of damage should be discarded. By purchasing VIX Protection products, users and their guardians express that they have read, understand, and agree to the terms set forth herein.